Arizona Vote Review Made Up the Numbers Election Experts Say

The vote evaluation conducted by the Republican Party in Arizona in 2020 is based on its findings from experienced election experts, the result of 2.1 million votes, which is a highly unreliable figure. I made another sound on Friday. They look like guesses, not tables.

The report organizer “make numbers” is the title of the report.

Two retired executives for data analyst Arizona Republican and a Boston-based election advisory firm said investigators were in the spring.

Investigators examined a box containing more than 1,600 ballots this summer to sign electoral language in Maricopa County, the state’s most populous state. Both he and the Republican-controlled state legislature that ordered the election investigation declined to reveal details on the matter.

A worksheet with the results of 40 steps in these boxes is attached to the final election report published a week ago by the Florida Cyber ​​​​Ninjas company, which was tasked with conducting the survey. Formerly.

Three election experts say if all 1,600 ballot boxes were underestimated in the same way, thousands or hundreds of thousands of ballots could be lost. Their results were first published in the Republic of Arizona.

Republican investigators’ final report concluded that President Biden received 99 more votes than was actually reported, and former President Donald J. Trump got 261 fewer votes.

But given the massive shortfall found in just one share of the 2.1 million vote, experts say it is nearly impossible for Republican investigators to get an accurate figure.

Given that Arizona Review executives “have no experience with election exams,” the experts concluded: The state can laugh. ”

Cyber ​​Ninja spokesman Rod Thomson dismissed the reports’ allegations. “We agreed to our methodology and the final report is complete,” he said.

Katie Hobbes, Secretary of State for the Arizona Democratic Party, said the report’s findings confirm criticism of the cybersamurai process.

“It was clear from the start that Cyber ​​Samurai would do it,” Hobbes said in a statement. “I’ve always said that no one should trust their results, so it’s no wonder their results are questionable. Actual election officials and experts as well as requests for official results are reliable. ”

The election investigation has been repeatedly accused of fraud by election experts and the Republican-controlled Marikopa District Board of Directors overseeing the 2020 vote.

Critics say Cyber ​​Samurai CEO made a false claim that Arizona’s voting machine was equipped to beat Trump. The summer poll was funded almost entirely by donations of nearly $7 million from Trump supporters.

The experts drew their conclusions based on worksheets containing excerpts from the results of the efforts Republican investigators published in their investigative reports. The worksheets show that 40 of the 1,634 ballots that investigators considered received 32,674 votes.

However, official records show that the 2.1 million search engines alone were actually 48,371 votes, or 15,692 votes, more than counted.

The worksheet shows that 9 squares don’t count at all. But even if the boxes were removed from selection, the number of remaining boxes fell by 4,852 votes below the correct number, experts said.

Similar reviews have been made in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Texas, making it increasingly clear that the Arizona Guerrilla Review failed to succeed.

Nate Persili, Stanford University law professor, election expert and Democrat scholar, said the Arizona-style review of other states is a similar scenario to the blessings of the Republican political leaders who lead them. He says he might follow her.

“The real truth doesn’t matter to those who tell the story of the scam,” he said. “The idea that elections were stolen became the defining belief of the tribe. The point at this stage is not to prove anything, but to show allegiance to concrete ideas about reality.”

Even after the first cyber samurai report, Republicans in the Pennsylvania Senate continued to insist on their determination to reconsider the election. This includes partial applications for driver’s license numbers and social security numbers for every 7 million people. Pennsylvania voters.

“The historical review of the Maricopa District has been completed and key findings have been revealed,” Republican Senator Doug Mastriano, a leading supporter of the election review, said in a statement last week. “If an issue like this were to occur in Maricopa County, imagine what a full court review of other states in the United States that have processed a large number of mail-in ballots would reveal.”

In fact, Maricopa District election experts and officials have convicted nearly all 22 cases of Arizona investigative reporting that lead to fraud.

On Friday, Wisconsin state chairman Robin Voss said he had signed a series of subpoenas issued to the head of the election commission of Milwaukee, the state’s largest city and most concentrated Democratic voter, with requests for extensive documentation, including communications between the city and the election commission. States. ..

In an interview this week, Voss reiterated his commitment to investigating the 2020 election, pointing out that the government was wrong.

“I think we have to accept that some things have been done wrong. Find a way to fix it, otherwise you won’t win people’s trust.” – said Vos.