Apple to soon launch new MacBook Pros with M1X silicon

SAN FRANCISCO: Apple Paul plans to hold a Mac-focused event next month where the tech giant can showcase the new Apple M1X silicon chip and the new MacBook Pro with an updated design.

In the latest issue of his Power on newsletter, Mark Gurman said Apple will soon announce a MacBook Pro with M1X enabled, Macromers said.

This new chip should “sometimes” match the high-end Mac Mini.

According to the report, the M1X was developed in two different flavors. Both versions of the chip have a 10-core design with eight high-performance cores and two high-performance cores.

According to industry sources, shipments to Apple’s assembly partner Paul for the MacBook Pro for LEDs and related components are on schedule as expected.

The use of mini-LED panels in Apple’s upcoming MacBook line will boost supplier investment and encourage the entire industry to adopt display technology.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple is already “actively looking for other suppliers for key mini-LED components” and that if mini-LED laptops get a positive response, other laptop manufacturers and their suppliers will definitely be involved will focus on the introduction. of technology. .

Apple is also developing a thinner and lighter version of the MacBook Air that will have a thinner frame than the current model.

Rumor has it there will be a 13-inch mini LED display that will be upgraded from the existing MacBook Air screen.