Angela Rayner channels Boris Johnson’s freewheeling style as she builds partnership with Keir Starmer

Angela Raynor is an incredible inspiration in making the odd couple’s partnership with Sir Keir Starmer work. The deputy chairman of the Labor Party is following in the footsteps of Boris Johnson.

Rainer refused to apologize after constantly calling the conservative minister “scum”. Comparing himself personally, not essentially, to the Prime Minister’s style, he pointed out that all the gloomy words he made only made him more popular with the general public.

Sir Kiel and Mrs Rainer stayed for the last few weeks after the first 18 months of rock work. He has long-term leadership ambitions, but for now he wants to equip his current boss with a more positive view of the union movement and decades of experience.

Under Jeremy Corbyn, the two didn’t know each other very well when they inherited a basically abandoned party. Rainer credits Rebecca Long-Bailey for her best work, so you don’t get to talk to Sir Kiel during the leadership campaign, even though both are clearly favorites for their respective roles. before.

Their initial interaction was awkward, according to sources, and the aide tried to “joke” at the meeting, but Sir Kiel took a more formal and legal approach. But now it is said that Sir Kiel is loosening up his role and having more fun with him.

A senior source said the pair helped “complement each other”, Ms Rainer helped Sir Kiel “relax”, and the leader in turn helped his deputy “rude.” I said that.

Allied Ms. Rainer points out that he often plays Sir Kiel’s problem-solving game. Unlike Sir Kiel, he had “private capital” to increase the rank of the union movement and to reduce dissent. It was a deep and humiliating setback to a narrow win that was used to broker a rule change for the weekend and undermine the influence of the left.

However, there is a feeling among her allies that Ms. Rainer is no longer invited to events along with the leader. Because Sir Kiel doesn’t appreciate him and doesn’t show him “because he’s a real person”.

The chief’s office with new staff improved its relationship with Rainer after a failed reshuffle in May when the chief tried to demote him but instead gave him extra work. Lower. But sometimes they stay tense. Sir Kiel is dissatisfied with Rainer’s “junk” intervention and is annoyed by his relentless focus on winning the next election to be presented at the conference.

And his allies point out that directly elected leaders can create tension so they have different missions. “They are very different people with very different styles,” said one of Starmer’s allies.

The sudden resignation of the shadow cabinet of a longtime ally Ms. Rainer, Andy McDonald, could be the explosive factor. But in the end, the deputy chief told a friend that the late veteran had left his own politics behind and was more angry at McDonald’s than Sir Kiel.