Andrew Yang Says He Left Democratic Party to Become Independent

Former presidential candidate and former tech entrepreneur Andrew Young declared his independence Monday after leaving the Democratic Party.

In an essay on his website, Yang, who found ardent supporters during the party’s 2019 primaries, highlights his work for the Democratic Party. He noted that he had built deep relationships with activists, local leaders and fundraisers he found, and praised his support in selecting party candidates, including President Biden.

However, he said he could be “more honest” with politicians and politicians if he wasn’t constrained by his official Democratic membership, and said the two-party system was deadlocked. Ian advocated alternative electoral systems such as primaries and ranking elections, saying these were “major reforms” that would give voters more opportunities to campaign.

“I believe we can reach people outside the system more effectively,” he wrote. “I feel more independent.”

Mr Yang is struggling for support after a significant jump in the race in 2020. Yang is one of the most high-profile Asian Americans of all time in the presidential campaign, complaining about proposals such as offering a base income of $1,000 per month for all Americans. . We have built up enthusiastic support from our constituents.

After completing a remarkable campaign, he joined CNN as a political commentator, started his own podcast, and moved to Georgia in January to help Democrats win the Senate election.

New York’s mayoral bid fell through this spring after Yang struggled to answer key questions about how the city’s government works and failed to build quickly.

Last month he announced plans to form his own political party called Party Forward, a phrase taken from the last chapter of his recently published book.

In excerpts from his book, published this week by Politico, Ian talks about the peculiarities of running for president and how the experience made it meaningful.

“I am the CEO and founder of a company, but running for office is a different matter,” he wrote. “Everyone around me started treating me like a presidential candidate. I took a short and intensive course on how to heal something very powerful. -And that’s weird. ”

“We found that force actually causes brain damage,” he added.

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