Amazon to Pay $500,000 in California Over Covid19 Notifications

Amazon has agreed to pay $500,000 after the company was accused of hiding Covid-19 cases from workers to enforce consumer protection laws in California, officials said. Said on Monday.

The ruling, which requires court approval, is the first in the country and is in line with California’s “right to know”, designed to keep workers safe during the pandemic, prosecutors reported. Office as ordered.

As part of this agreement, Amazon will also notify warehouse workers within a day of the exact number of new Covid-19 cases in the workplace, and the notification will notify workers of the company’s disinfection and safety plans.

You have to confirm this, report new cases to the health department and submit them. Monitoring of Covid-19 by the Directorate General of Notification Lawyers.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.

An appeal to the Sacramento High Court alleges that Amazon’s actions deprived employees and the general public of access to information about Covid-19 cases.

Attorney General Rob Bonta said such information was important for workers making difficult decisions about their health during the pandemic.

“Amazon’s practice makes it unclear whether workers may have been exposed to two, twenty, or even 200 cases of Covid-19,” he told a news conference on Monday. “This naturally scares many workers and prevents them from making the right decisions to protect themselves and their loved ones.”

“No company is too big to comply with the law,” Bonta said. ‚ÄúThis is a major victory for the safety and health of tens of thousands of Amazon warehouse workers, their families, and our communities across the state.

He said the decision sent a clear message that businesses must comply with the law, which is especially important as the busy Christmas season approaches.