Alex Jones Loses by Default in Sandy Hook Defamation Lawsuits

Infowars founder and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones claimed the 2012 Sandy Hook School shooting was criminal and did not provide the court with the requested information, leaving the victim’s family in Texas. Loss of two defamation process begins.

Judge Maya Guerra Gamble ruled Monday in Travis County Civil District Court. They were released on Thursday, HuffPost reported. Mark D. Bankston, an attorney for the parents of the children killed in the attack, provided a copy of what was filed in the New York Times on Friday.

The defendants, including Mr. Jones and his digital channel Infowars, are “permanently open” because they did not submit documents as required and failed to fulfill other obligations required by the court. “Abuse” occurred, Judge Geragambling wrote in the document.

Bankston said the next step would be a March 28 trial in which a jury will decide on compensation.

The decision came from Jones this week when Jones and his media activity at Infowars began spreading false claims that they killed 20 first graders and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. This is the final round in the legal battle. Complex scam.

In 2018, the parents of two children died at Sandy Hook after the victim’s family was abused and threatened with libel by Jones in his Infowars hometown of Austin, Texas in a case. I was accused.

One of them was proposed by Leonardo Posner and Veronica de La Rosa. His 6-year-old son, Noah, was killed at school. Another case was brought by Neil Heslin, whose son Jesse Lewis was also shot dead. Jesse’s mother Scarlett Lewis filed a third lawsuit.

In 2019, the Texas Court of Appeals rejected Jones’ attempts to dismiss all three cases on the grounds of freedom of expression. That same year, Scott Jenkins in District Court resented Travis Jones for failing to set a record in the Heslin trial and ordered Jones to pay $25,875 in legal fees.

Judge Gera Gambling heard two other proceedings in his ruling on Monday.

In the decision admitting the alleged defamation of Mr. Lewis, Judge Geragambling cited the defendant’s “malicious intent” in the trial, referring to Mr. Jones and the “show” trial. He mentioned the faith he had. The document said.

He wrote that he “deliberately disobeyed the court order” because the defendant failed to provide documents for tracing, recording testimony and other obligations.

He ruled similarly against Posner and De La Rosa, saying the defendants had “unjustly and unfairly fulfilled their obligations”.

“We have been given many opportunities to take this procedure seriously and uphold the rule of law,” Bankston said in a statement Friday.

“He decided against it and will now face the consequences of that decision,” Bankston said.

Jones and Infowars attorney Norm Patis said in a statement on the Infowars website that the default decision was “brilliant” and an “explicit abuse of power”.

“The tens of thousands of documents the defendant produced, the time he sat down to testify, and the various testimonies made at the trial were not taken into account,” Patis said.

Jones made false claims that the Sandy Hook shooting was a fraud and that the victims’ relatives were actors created by government “gun robbers”.

In 2015, according to court documents, he showed viewers a card with the personal information and address of Mr Posner linked to his family. Infowars listener Lucy Richards has repeatedly threatened Posner with murder and hiding his family.

In 2017, Jones put on a short show to offer his “sincere condolences” to Sandy Hook’s parents for the loss of their child in a “terrible tragedy.” He blamed the media for the controversy surrounding the photo’s coverage.

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