Airport Authority Of India 2021

Government sells 100% of Tatason shares to Air India

Air India must pay the Airports Authority of India (AAI) an unpaid membership fee of 2,000 rupees in relation to landing fees, parking and other fees, the AAI chairman said.

AAI President Sangeve Kumar told ANI: “It’s not a fact that airlines have a lot of debt. I think they don’t have much debt other than Air India… that’s a membership fee of over Rs 200 billion. I think we are almost certain that we will get our previous membership fee back. ”

“Other airlines also have debt, but they are not very similar to Air India. With the exception of Air India, no significant membership fees are expected from other airlines. Litigation or negotiation. We will discuss their various forums in one of them, “added the Chair of AAI.

The center recently discontinued its 100 percent stake in Tatason Air India, but Air India’s upcoming membership fee must be communicated to the new owners.

Talace Pvt Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of TataSons, won the bid to acquire Air India and marked the end of the state airline’s government privatization process, which approved the withdrawal of their investment.

CCEA Approves Air India’s Unique Alternative Mechanism (AISAM) approves Talace Pvt Ltd’s highest bid for Air India’s 100% stake in India and sale of Air India’s stake in AIXL and AISATS