Abhigyan Shakuntalam Summary and Story

Introduction: Abhigyan Shakuntalam is an excellent drama by Mahakavi Kalidas. He gained international recognition. It consists of seven chapters dealing with the famous love story of King Dushyant and the maiden Shakuntala. This love story is presented artistically. It is a pictorial representation of human feelings. His every word is music created by Veena.

Abhigyan Shakuntalam

This magnificent work is named after its heroine. Shakuntala plays an important role here. His beloved King Dushyant is the hero of this drama. If Shakuntala is the image of a beautiful femininity, Dushyant is a majestic hero.

The main character of this drama is a young girl between the ages of fifteen and eighteen. The characters in the play look young, aged between 30 and 35 years. Shakuntala has heavenly beauty. He inherited from his mother, Menaka. Dushyant is also young, handsome, majestic, and comes from a sweet address. The epitome of beauty, Shakuntala captivated King Dushyant’s heart.

Shakuntala and Dushyant: Shakuntala’s heart is very beautiful. There is nothing artificial about her beauty. It’s basically natural. Absolutely no mess. She has feminine humility and purity of soul. Dusyanta, on the other hand, had extreme nobility.

As a gentleman, he wanted to know if Shakuntala was married or even engaged. He showed great respect for the wise. Like Dushyanta, Shakuntala also displays a woman’s sense of honor. His words showed his respect for the dignity of women and his respect for elders.

Story: The plot of this drama is very interesting. This is a good example of plot building. During the hunt, King Dushyant fell in love with Shakuntala.

He understood that Shakuntala was Kanva’s adopted daughter. He was also drawn to the grace and charm of the king. Love becomes marriage. Dushyant marries Shakuntala through a Gandharva form of marriage. Before leaving for the capital, Dushyanta promised to return soon

Curse: In the realm of Shakuntala, the hot-headed sage Durvasa once arrived. Just then, Shakuntala thought of her absent husband. So he doesn’t offer proper hospitality. Indignantly, Durvasa cursed them: “He who you think of failed to receive me well as a guest, he will not remember you even if you (you) are remembered.

King’s Rejection: Upon his return, Dushyant took over the affairs of the state. He had completely forgotten about his jungle bride. Shakuntala is now pregnant. So he was sent to the royal palace. When he reaches there, Dushyant refuses to recognize him. He wanted to show her his wedding ring, but it wasn’t on his finger

King’s Acceptance: Finally, King Dushyanta received his wedding ring from a fisherman. Dushyanta recalls the full story of his marriage to Shakuntala. He begins to live a miserable life. Meanwhile, Indra offers to destroy the intruding demon.

The king was successful with his expedition. On the way back he had the opportunity to see his own son and Shakuntala at Kashyap’s residence. Reciprocal explanations followed and the couple reconciled. Raja returns to their capital along with Shakuntala and Bharat and the drama ends here

Conclusion: In this section, nature plays an important role. The whole story unfolds in the lap of nature. Kalidasa, a nature lover, beautifully portrays the charm of nature. In fact, the connection between the outer and inner realms is the specialty of Kalidasa art. In short, Abhigyan Shakuntalam is an excellent portrayal of human love and natural love.