Aave price analysis

Aave price analysis is on the rise today as the bulls maintain their lead for the third day in a row. The cryptocurrency has managed to recover to levels to recover from heavy losses that occurred before April 11, 2022.

The price level touched $188 as the bulls had a good performance yesterday and the trend is the same today. The bullish momentum is steady and the price trend line is rising again which is an encouraging sign for the buyers as AAVE/USD broke through the $184 resistance and now the bulls are testing $188 again today.

AAVE/USD 1-day price chart: The price is rising in search of a refund

A one-day price chart showing Aave’s price analysis is progressing smoothly toward a recovery in the coin’s value. Over the past few days, the coin has risen significantly due to an uptrend line over the past week and the coin’s value has gone up 8.68 percent during that time.

As the crypto pair is trading at $188 at the time of writing, it is also reporting a 5.57% increase in value over the last 24 hours of price action. Trading volume is also up more than 85 percent over the last day, and the moving average (MA) is trading around $174 below its current price level.

The 20 SMA is lower than the 50 SMA curve as the trend prior to April 11, 2022 was very down. Volatility is also high on the one-day chart, indicating that the bullish momentum could strengthen further.

The Bollinger Bands show the upper band at $248, which is resistance to the AAVE price, while the lower band is at $137, which is the strongest support for AAVE/USD. As the price continued to rise, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) also rose to 53, which is quite impressive considering the current state of the market.

Aave Price Analysis: Latest Developments and Additional Technical Analysis

Aave’s 4-hour price chart is showing positive signs for gains as the price level rises on a regular basis. The hourly trend is also the same as after each adjustment, the bulls are taking the game to different heights and the price is likely to surpass the $188 resistance currently being tested. A relatively larger correction was observed four hours earlier as the bulls had run out, but now the bulls have regained their strength.

Bollinger Bands diverged sharply on the four-hour chart, with the top rising to $193 and the bottom falling to $155. The upper bar shows a larger divergence, indicating the possibility of further price gains in the coming hours.

The RSI curve moved downwards during the last correction, but has now reversed and started an upward movement, reaching index 63, indicating the return of buying momentum in the market.

Conclusion on price analysis

From the Aave price analysis above, we can say that the price level has fluctuated at various points over the past week, but the bulls have managed to maintain their lead.

However, the correction observed during this period was also important for further gains but AAVE gained strength against the bearish momentum and managed to break above $184. If the current bullish momentum continues, which we expect to continue today, there is a good chance that the cryptocurrency will soon break the $188 resistance level.