A party speaks out in the college admissions scam

For now, at least, Vandemore has found a new career at Water Solutions, a small company that specializes in building drinking water systems, including digging wells in rural areas and building urban factories. Including the help of water sources. Glenn Reynolds, the company’s founder, whose son is traveling to events hosted by Vandemor’s wife, Molly, said Vandemor was a quick learner with the right academic background and the ability to gather resources. Coach skills are displayed.

When asked why he decided to hire Vandemor, Reynolds said, “My feeling is the story we all hear on the news, but that’s only one side.” Never cashing a check, Stanford… writing thank you letters to donors and John’s job involves raising money, I sit and wonder what it’s like to be a prosecutor. Black and white doesn’t go well. ”

He continued, “John’s honesty comes out and shakes your hand.”

Vandemor says the therapy helped him deal with shame and anger, and also taught him how to be a better husband and father to his children Nichols, 5, and Nora, 3. .

Vandemoyer says he appreciates the opportunity to skip work at the office and be able to spend weekends at home with family and social life – as he flies around the country regattas. However, he got out of the water by working with young sailors at Peninsula’s Youth Sailing Foundation, of which Molly is director. Sailing still means a lot to him.

In July he traveled to Norfolk, Virginia with a group of children ages 10 to 13.

A boat ride to the park triggers a lot of emotions – how do other coaches, their former colleagues, feel when they see them? What will he tell you? After a few handshakes, the fear was gone, and the next day he felt comfortable just watching the current and the wind hit the sails.

He wasn’t a college sailor, but he wasn’t that coach anymore.

“I’m now focused on the things that I think are important,” said Vandemor. “It’s not about winning, it’s not about being the right athlete. It’s about how to learn, how to fail and how to come back. I think I learned a lot. I can.”