8 GOP Governors to Announce Border Security Plan in Mission on Wednesday

Eight Republican governors are heading to Texas for a press conference on Wednesday, where they are expected to announce a border security plan.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R) spokesman CJ Karamargin said he will announce a 10-point border security plan at a briefing on a mission with Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R). ..

Republicans have captured a record number of cross-border migrants this year as a top priority targeting Democratic President Joe Biden. Despite Biden holding many of the border restrictions imposed by former President Donald Trump, a surge in border crossings occurred.

Last month, 26 other Republican governors sent a letter to Biden asking him to meet on border security issues. Ducey’s office said Biden was not responding.

The mission is on the Rio Grande River in southern Texas, on the border with Mexico. It’s about 245 miles south of San Antonio.