7 most amazing Bitcoin mining sites around the world 2022

When we think of digging into cryptocurrency, we usually think of a large room filled with computers and GPUs, with tangled wires everywhere. But you might be surprised to learn that some of the biggest Bitcoin mining sites are in beautiful locations and epic establishments.

Bitcoin mining has been the focus of all crypto discussions these days. A lot has happened in the BTC mining industry since last year. We see China ban crypto mining in 2021, the world’s leading BTC mining hub. On the other hand, countries like Kazakhstan and Thailand have adopted bitcoin mining.

So, while the entire crypto market is still in a frenzy of recent crashes, let’s take a look at some of the most amazing Bitcoin mining facilities in the world to clear our pallets.

Bitriver data center, Russia
Bitriver is the largest data center in Russia and is located in the city of Bratsk. The data center is directly connected to the Bratsk aluminum plant, the largest in the world. The biggest problem with maintaining large cryptocurrency assets is temperature control. The average temperature in Bratsk is -2°C. So the location is optimal for digging BTC.

Even in such a cold climate, data centers require a 100 megawatt cooling function. The price of electricity in Bratsk is also one of the cheapest in the world due to the municipal hydroelectric power plant with an output of 4,500 MW. So it’s easy to see why this city is a bitcoin miner’s paradise. Bitriver has a GPU stack and a 3-storey high Bitcoin fetch station that works 24/7 all year round.

Bitmain Mining Factory, Mongolia
Even though Bitmain’s crypto mining facility closed following the crackdown in China, it was one of the biggest BTC mining centers at its peak. The site has a row of mining warehouses with refrigeration and mining equipment operating around the clock. From the outside it may look like an ordinary warehouse, but on the inside, Bitmain is a powerful hub for Bitcoin production.

Bitfury mining farm, Amsterdam
Bitfury was founded in 2011 and is one of the oldest and largest BTC mining centers in the world. Amsterdam is a great place for Bitcoin miners, mainly because of its affordable electricity. Inside, the Bitfury ranch looks like a future facility. Computers with automatic maintenance functions housed in transparent thermal coolers make Bitfury one of the most advanced Bitcoin mining centers in the world.

Dalian Mining Farm, China
Dalian Mining Farm is another BTC mining facility that has succumbed to the crypto crackdown in China. However, during its peak, it made up to 750 BTC every month. Dalian is unique in that the entire mining facility is built in abandoned shipping containers. The entire facility is a bold example of using cheap materials to build a large mine.

Sichuan Bitcoin Mining Farm
The BTC mining farm in Sichuan Province is one of the most beautiful mining sites in the world. Surrounded by mountains, the mining farm is located next to a regional hydroelectric power station. Sichuan Province has some of the largest annual rainfall in China. Electricity is easily available in the area due to the presence of hydroelectric power plants. However, the factory’s mining facilities have now been removed due to the ban on cryptocurrency mining in China.

Crusoe Mining Facility, Montana
When it comes to eco-friendly BTC production, nothing compares to the Crusoe mining station in Montana. The location is close to the Crusoe Energy mitigation location. Generating energy through torches is one of the ecological ways to generate energy income. The Crusoe facility is also unique in that it is one of the few mining facilities located in the middle of the desert. On site, the miners use liquid immersion technology as a cooling system for the GPU.

Bitsion Conchagua volcano, mining site, El Salvador
El Salvador was the first country to declare a legal tender for Bitcion and local currency. President Naib Bukele is a prominent advocate for BTC. Surprisingly, El Salvador also has the most unique mining facilities in the world.

The country’s mining site is inside a geothermal power plant built on the Kolchagua volcano. This is the only cryptocurrency mining facility. The coolest thing about this mining is that its mining facilities are integrated with the country’s satellite infrastructure.